October 30, 2010

Another bday outfit!

Hey lovelies! These are pictures of my outfit for my bday celebration with my boo! He took me on a horse and carriage ride at sunset around Harrisburg! It was gorgeousssssss!

Outfit Deets:
Mustard shirt - F21 $16ish
Skirt - F21 $22
Flats (because my knee still isn't 100%) - Shoe Dept. $14.95
Jacket - F21 $15ish

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween weekend! I'll be posting Halloween costume pics soon!

Ciao bellassssssssssss <3

October 24, 2010

It has been WAYYY TOO LONG!!!

Hellooooo lovelies!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I am soooo sorry that I have been gone for what feels like forever!!!!!!! Let me tell you, it has been one heck of a time since we last "talked".

Main reason for my absence - 2 1/2 months or so ago I tore my ACL in my knee playing basketball in a rec league. That was in August.... thennnnnnn September 20th I had ACL Reconstruction surgery on my knee! So, after that I had this GINORMOUS black brace going from the crotchal region to basically my ankle. Because of this huge monstrosity, I haven't really been able to dress to my full potential. Soooo... as of this past Wednesday (October 20th), I got my brace off! And lucky for me, it was my 24th bday so it was even cooler! But, anywhoooo... this was my outfit that I wore to class (yes, I had class all day and night on my bday).

White Vest - F21
Long sleeve v-neck - F21
Jeggings - Target
Boots - courtesy of Lucky Magazine and Timberland..... See below for how AWESOMEEEEEEEE THESE BOOTS ARE!
Necklace - handmade by a friend and gifted for a bridal shower gift! So cool!

Soooooo.... another update! These boots in this picture........ are like the most rockin' boots ever! And, they came courtesy of Lucky Mag and Timberland!!! Timberland came out with this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Earthkeepers Collection! The boots are eco-friendly!! Can you believe it??? You should definitely get over to Timberland's site and check out this collection! I can't find this exact boot anymore, but there are seriously soooo many booths that I am craving right now!! These ones are a mix between leather and suede... and they're absolutely amazing!!!

A HUGEEEE THANK YOU TO LUCKY AND TIMBERLAND FOR THE CHANCE TO TOTALLY ROCK THESE BOOTS! This outfit is just the casual beginning to what I'm going to do with them.... the possibilities are endless, and I can't wait!!

I miss all of you lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ciao bellas <3