November 30, 2009

It's all about the Benjamins.... or the Jeffersons.... or the Nixons?

The booty shot......... tee hee hee

Outfit Deets: Tank top circa ? had forever... probably cheap!
Cream blazer - Gabe's? cheap
F21 skinnies - wear them way too much so they're stretching out dang it! $12.50
Guess brown shoes - from Bonton half off.... $40

Ok so these pics make me look a little chunky?? I'm not sure why...... please disregard....

Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! Mine was good.... family.... food.... and the occasional fun. :)

Ciao bellassssssssssssss

Scarves..... Scarves.......Scarves ..... and Iraq??

Remember that one time............. at band camp................

Tee hee hee... just kidding.... but seriously. Remember when I was discussing my plans to make and sell scarves to the masses!!! Welllllll......... the time has come. Our plan has been to make various crocheted/knitted items and sell them... and then we would make care packages for troops who are oversees currently for the holidays and send them out with the profits. I have currently, made, sold, and distributed probably 5 scarves so far. (Thank you to all of you who have participated so far!) I have a waiting list/list of things to do of about 4 more. Please see above for 2 examples of current shenanigans! The white one is super thick and awesome and wide and awesome.......... it sold for $13. The purple and white one is thick, but a little less wide. That one is $10, but still awesome!

So here's a shout out to all of you.... if you would like a lovely scarfffffff or know someone who needs one as a gift.... and you would like to benefit local troops that are oversees for the holidays, let me know!! I can make them in any color/colors (as long as they sell that color in the stores!). The price will vary between $10-$15 depending on how wide/long you would like it. So, i'm pretty sure that's cheap....... here and here I'm right along with them. :)

Ciao Bellas!!!!!!

November 24, 2009

1 Fish 2 Fish... Red Fish Blue Fish.......

Outfit Deets:
Navy Blue sweater: Gabe's $6
Cream tank *with lots of beading detail that you can't see :(* ? cheap
Gray pants with mustard and teal checked pattern: Steve & Barry's (Bitten) $.50
Yellow shoes: Charlotte Russe (clearly you can't see them)

Today I did not feel very inspired........ I apologize......... It was rainy and cold and I was not in a very bright mood. As a note to everyone who doesn't really know me...... I HATE being in a bad mood. I hate being pessimistic. I hate being....... not happy. So, now you know. If for some reason I am in a bad mood....... It takes me a lot to be that way. Me no likey! But anyways, I digress.................................. Positive thinking will change the world!!!! Weeeeeeeeeee!

Sorry for the randomness.............. please disregard how strange it is. :)

Ciao bellas!

Tuesday REALLY IS SHOE DAY!!! from now on....

The new Tuesday Shoe Day!!! From now on, every Tuesday I will be featuring a pair of my shoes! That should probably keep every Tuesday kept solid for over a year! So it will be perfecto! :) So here we have the new pair of shoes that I just purchased on Saturday.........


Oh.......... and WOOHOO!!!! :)

Fabulous shoes are from Bonton, but they are Guess! I got them 50% off, so I only paid $40.

These shoes are ridiculously comfortable!!! I was shocked! I have never been one to NOT buy a pair of shoes because I felt it would be too uncomfortable.... wanna know why? Because I don't care! If they're ridiculously awesome, and I love them so much... then I'm buying them. I'll deal with the pain of walking later on.............. But these shoes..... are. divine. The brown leather is like a stretch leather. It's awesome because it gives so that I'm not messing up my skin with crappy harsh leather. And surprisingly, the heel is reallyyyyyyyy high, BUT I don't feel like my feet are going to fall off after walking around on there. Therefore.......... WOOHOO!!

Ciao bellas!

November 20, 2009

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...... :)

Outfit deets:
Black cotton short sleeve with bow - F21 $7
Gray pinstripe high waist skirt - Gabe's cheap...
Black bow belt - F21
Black dual pattern tights - F21
Black peep toes with silver trim - Walmart $9

"I love you...... You're my only reason to stay.... alive. If that's what I am........." <3 <3 New Moon <3 <3

November 19, 2009

2 hearts never break even.........

Hello Yesterday..............

As you can see, I'm pretty pumped about this outfit......... :)

Outfit deets:
White awesome ruffley shirt: F21 $20
Black Ruffle Skirt: Target $6
Black *most amazing shoes in my closet currently* :) : DSW $40ish

So, I'm actually really proud of this outfit. I've been wanting to wear this skirt for a long time... but I always struggled with how to style it. It's meant to be worn around the not-so-natural-waist, and that always presented a proportion problem when trying to pair it with a shirt. Soooooo... I decided to cinch it a bit and slap a sweet belt over it and wear it higher. I wore the off-white half-sleeve blazer over it to go outside in. I'm not that crazy to try and wear this out in November... actually, I'm not gonna lie, I am kinda that crazy. But, I thought it may present a problem at work when I get funny looks. :) But anywaysssss.... I thought that with this skirt styling, I could easily turn this into a sweet holiday "dress" with a fancier shirt. I'm getting all kinds of ideas now.

Oh and a side note about these shoes: Every single time I wear these somewhere, I get at least 1 compliment on them. I swear on my life......... It's craziness!!! I've never gotten so many compliments on one pair of shoes! Straight guys, not-so-straight guys, straight girls, maybe not-so-straight girls..... people of all ages.... grown men that seem legitimately intrigued by the creation of these incredible shoesies........... Strange... but awesome! :)

Ciao bellas!

PS. NEW MOON WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Totally worth being super tired this morning because I went to the midnight showing last night!!! :)

Tuesday Shoe-day...... Even though It's not Tuesday..... or is it??

We here at my shoe closet would like to welcome the newest addition to our lovely shoe family!!! Say hello to these DSW beauts!! These were only $41ish with tax. It was a splurge online purchase, but I'm soooo glad that I bought them. I keep seeing all of these cage heels everywhere.... and then I found these and said to myself, "Self, you must add these to your family!". So I did! :)

What would YOU wear them with??

P.S. I have figured out that it is very difficult to take pictures of your shoes... while they're on you.......................... I did it though..... regardless of how weird the pics look.

Ciao bellas <3

You look-a-like-a-man....................

You're welcome......... haha

Outfit Deets:
Ann Taylor button down: Gabe's $6
Khaki/linen wide-leg trousers: F21 $22
Blue shoes!: Rainbow cheap..

So I want to thank all of you lovelies for your comments on the last post! I did end up wearing the yellow shoes for that outfit, but I wanted to give a shout-out to all of you who liked the blue ones!!! So, I decided to incorporate it into yesterday's outfit! I kind of felt very menswear-inspired yesterday. I love these pants from F21! They're wide-legged fabulousness.... only bad part is they get wrinkled in a hot second... True Story! I threw them in the dryer yesterday morning before work and then I pulled them out and gave a quick iron over.... and STILL they were wrinkly... Oh well! I still love them!

Ciao bellassssssssssssss <3

P.S. I'M A HUGE NERD AND HAVE MIDNIGHT SHOWING TICKETS TO SEE NEW MOON TONIGHT!!! Yes, I am 23.... Yes, I will probably be surrounded by 15 yr. old girls......No, I don't care..... Yes, I am super excited!!...... :) Who else has plans to see it??

November 17, 2009

So my "dilemma" of the day............ What shoes to wear! You'll see below 2 different options....

Outfit Deets:
Plaid strapless dress: Bitten by SJP @ Steve & Barry's $8
Gray sweater: Gabe's $4
Yellow Belt (detail pic below): Charlotte Russe $3
Blue earrings (detail pic below): I don't remember where but they were cheap and I love them!
Blue pumps: (Option 1) Rainbow $8

And now for Shoe 2!!

Yellow round toe shoesies: Charlotte Russe (I think)

I love these earrings.....As you can see, this dress has lots of fun colors to play with.... i.e. the blues and yellows and grays. So here you have it....... my outfit for the day. :)

I chose the yellow shoes........................................... Which ones would you have chosen??

Ciao bellas! <3

November 16, 2009

It's all in the details.....

So the details of my life are currently scattered about with no real rhyme or reason.......... I'm having some hard things going on in my life currently, so that's why I've been sort of MIA. However, today's post is going to be a look back at an awesome week that I spent with family and my roomie in the islands on a cruise! :)

Me chillin in Roatan!
VS Bathing Suit - Cream and brown polka dots

Yes, that is a real monkey on my shoulder! Yes, he is adorable!!!
That necklace was hand made from seeds. I got it at Grand Cayman.

This was a pic that my roommate took (without me knowing), but I kind of love it. This was at our hotel in Miami waiting to board the ship! It was a lovely Marriott!

Dress: Ross $8
Sandals: $10

This was one of our formal nights on board. Me and the lovely roommate!
Black strapless *ever so comfortable* maxi: Ross cheap... lol

Did I wear this walking around Cozumel all day?? Sure.................................. :)
These beaters from F21 are like my fav. plain tanks! I heart beaters... I'm not really sure why. But I have this particular kind in like 12 different colors..... literally! haha
Oh, and they're only like $3.50. FABULOUS!

Anyways, I want to know about your best vacation ever!!! I like lots of details!

Ciao bellas!

November 11, 2009

It's all about you, Baby....... It's all about you... and me

This is going to be a non-outfit post..... I need a little pick-me-up, and doing this post may do just that!!! I got this lovely idea from this lovely lady Bekah! You should check her out, by the way.... she's teaching English in South Africa and sharing God's love with the world.... But anyways, I digress. She had this awesome post semi-recently where she shared clips from movies that made her cry. I'm, however, going to change it up and share clips from movies/tv shows/whatever that I think are hilarious!! I need a little laughter.... and I believe this is a great way to do that! So.. enjoy! :)

**Alert.... some innapropriateness may ensue.......*** :)

1. You should obviously love this Song! If you've never seen this movie.... you need to drop what you're doing, and go watch it now!!! :) I can't even begin to post all of the great scenes from this movie......
2. Probably my favorite Family Guy moment Ever!
3. I'm sorry to find joy in other's pain, but this is pretty hilarious...... I'm really not a mean person! :P
4. Oh how I love the always delicious Taco Bell!
5. Big gulp huh? Welp.... see ya later!
6. Oh vanilla face........ hahaha
7. This movie has too many scenes not to love!
8. This movie is a classic!
9. Overall not the best movie.... but there were some funny parts
10. Another good one
11. What about this one?
12. Another Choice movie!
13. Obviously the list had to include This and This!
14. Well this one is Always a good time
15. This show is so hilarious and makes me continuously laugh out loud... one of my Favorite things....
16. Classic Christmas choice........
17. Oh man this list is getting Long....
18. What about That and This and oh Thisssss teee heeee heee....
19. Clearly this scene is HILARIOUS!
20. This Show is also awesome and hilarious and makes me laugh........

Well that's all for now lovelies....... I'll be back to norm outfit posts soon. :)

What are some of your fav comedies???

Ciao bellas!

November 9, 2009

Comfy Kimono?

Please disregard my re-tard face......

It wasn't super genius or anything.... but it worked for me!

Outfit Deets:
Black oversized sweater - Express from Gabe's cheap...
Black strapless cotton maxi - Ross cheap
Leapord moccasins - Ross $10
Brown belt - F21 $7.50
Leapord bangle - F21 $3ish
Necklace - ? cheap...
Busted up knee - Came with the outfit....... lol

Weekend outfit = super comfy! I got some compliments on it.... and one person said it reminded them of a Kimono because of the wide sleeves on the sweater. I was fine with that.... not gonna lie. :)

The story about my knee..... I have a tendency to slide in softball.... Last Wednesday night was no exception. I NEEDED a triple. I had one on the hit before that.... so I decided I should go for it. My choices were run straight into the 3rd basemen blocking the base.... or slide in at an angle. I obviously made the wrong choice. It was gross and super sore... and still sore now! So clearly, I should've just ran him over!! That would've been a way cooler story!

Also, this Saturday I was at the PIAA Cross Country Championships for work. TRUE STORY = During a girls' race, a DEER ran out of the woods, onto the course, and straight into a girl!!! No casualties.... except for her pride. :)

Ciao Bellas!

"Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough. ♥"

November 5, 2009

There's an animal in you..... Let it out!

With the soldierette jacket from F21

Trying to get the skirt to swing.... haha

Outfit deets:
Black longsleeve cotton dress (worn as shirt) - Ross $12.50
Leopard print skirt - F21 $14
Black tights - F21 $3
Black heels - Ross $20ish
Amber pendant - Charlotte Russe gift

Well lovelies, here's a little animal print for you. Nothing too crazy... I didn't wanna go to wild with the other colors in the outfit because I wanted the skirt to be more of the statement piece.

I also think that I should wear my Foxy Brown wig some day to work........ just to see what happens! Maybe my boss will then say to me...... "You're not Lauren Hill back in her Fugees days!" Which I will then reply with, "Nope.... wrong again. I wasn't in Sister Act 2, I'm actually not black, I wasn't in a group called the Fugees, and I didn't have a hit called 'Killing Me Softly'....... (you get the picture)"

Ciao bellas!

"What was all that one in a million talk?"