September 29, 2009

Broken knees....... thrift store finds....... just plain jibberish.....

Thrift store finds!!!

The Limited sequin tank - $8.95 from Divine Consign

Thin brown braided belt - $4.95 from Divine Consign

"old lady" gray silk see through shirt - $4.99 Sal Val

Jessica Simpson shoes! - $14.95 from Divine Consign

So instead of an outfit post from today (why? i'll get into that later), I decided to post some of the goodies that i got from my shopping adventure with my roomie on Saturday. The things above were all purchased for under $34!! Whattttt Whatttttt!! :) I loveeee a good bargain! There was one more thing that was purchased for $.50 at Sal Val, but you'll have to wait until I wear it.... I revamped it, soooo I'd rather you see the NEW version!

Now onto why I didn't post an outfit pic today.... Last night I had a softball game. I was the 2nd batter of the night, and for those of you that don't know me, I'd like to think I'm a pretty fast individual. So, I hit a grounder to the short stop. So i'm halfway to first base, and I realize that he gets the ball. Naturally, I'd like to pick up some speed..... however, my feet apparently wanted to move faster than the stupid thick mud would want me to. Sooooo.... I'm trying to catch my footing and speed up, but that doesn't happen. I straight up face first slide "into first", however first was still a foot away. I'm straight embarrassed, obviously. I just lay there face down for a minute. My team starts yelling like "Get up! Tag the base!" I look, and the girl on first had dropped the ball. I scramble to my feet and try to tag the base in time....... but nooooooooo that doesn't happen. So not only did I face plant slide, but I also got the out. Punch me in the face. :) The rest of the game actually went really well. Only hurt thing (besides my ego haha) was my knee. For some reason it's messed up.... I can't imagine that a hundred and some odd pounds falling on top of a limb could really mess it up??? IMPOSSIBLE!!! I'm made of steel................................. So anyways, all of that to say that I didn't get a lot of sleep last night due to the jacked up knee. So, when I hit the snooze button this morning on my alarm apparently I didn't hear it again at all. Randomly I woke up at 8:31. Usually, I leave the house for work around 8:40. Don't you worry! I got up, got a shower, got dressed, got out the door by 8:45..... I have no idea how. But, I did it! :) That's all for today........

Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish guy! Help me Oprah! Help me Tom Cruise!!!!

September 28, 2009

Odds and ends....... This and that

I'll have to post my outfit from today later on..... However, I have to share something fabulous with all of you. Thanks to the beautiful Rebekah S., I was browsing this site. It's a beautiful photography site!! Love it! Thanks Bek!!! :) While I was browsing her portfolio I found the picture on this link!! Check it out!! The headpiece/veil that the girl is wearing in that photo is almost exactly what I would want in the future when I get hitched!! It's fabulous, and oh so vintage-looking! I'm not as big of a fan of the dress...... at least not for me..... but the headpiece, is to die for! :)

Also, on a completely separate note..... I am loving the song "Fireflies" by Owl City. I know people have said that they've been out on Itunes for a while now..... Well, I'm apparently behind the curve (insert sad face). However, now that I have heard them, I'm a fan! :)

Also....... If you haven't noticed..... I end each post with a completely random movie quote.... I heart movies.... and I heart quoting movies just as much..... Sooooo... points for you when you tell me what movie it is from!! I wanna hear feedback from all of you!!! :)

"Ooooooooooooooo........ you have saved our lives.......... we are eternally grateful..........."

September 27, 2009

Tomatoes... tomaaaatoes.... potatoes??

So, this post is TECHNICALLY from yesterday.....

Outfit deeeeeets:
Black Suit jacket - Sears gift from my lovely sister!
White tee - The Fray concert tee - gift from the lovely bf!
Green tank underneath - Forever21 $3.50
Skinnies - Forever21 $12.50
Filigree leaf earrings - Forever21 $3.50
Black peep toes with silver lining - WALMART $9.99 (yeah.... i said it)

Yesterday was uber fun! Me and the lovely roomie (see her pics below) went to Divine Consign in Manheim. It was lovely! I found 3 really cool finds, which i'll probably wear sometime this week! Then we took a little trip to the Sal-Val to help Char find an oversized mens button-up to put over a cute new dress she bought. Mission accomplished! I also purchased a sweet Tee that I cut up and I'll probably show this week as well. It's fab!

Her outfit:
Dress - Forever21
Sweet cowboy boots - Thrifted
Amber pendant - Borrowed out of my closet.... haha

She's hilarious.... and has a hard time keeping a straight face while photoshooting!

Sooooo... that was our day yesterday! I leave you with something that I found on this awesome site that I will most likely be trying to recreate sometime in the near future!

Just say I like reeeeeallllyyyy thin pancakes..................

September 25, 2009

Internet Troubles???

So today at work... I'm innocently trying to read blogs/post my own entry/not actually do work at work.... However, my internet here is being quite ridiculous... and making me want to punch a baby (note Dane Cook reference, I don't really like to punch babies! :)). Couple things for today.....

First off, many of you that know me know that I am the girl of many faces. I've been called "Rubber Face" by some because I'm just good at making faces I guess?? Who knows... Well, while browsing the internet yesterday, I found another version of a "Rubber Face"........ Please see pics below. :)

GOOD "Rubber Face"

Pic 1 - me and the love of my life. <3 <3 Pic 2 - my other love (Charlotte the Harlot hehe), also my roomie. And then me and the bf. Pic 3 - beach fun with the roomie. Pic 4 - Me in all of my glory........... you're welcome. :P EDIT BECAUSE OF KATIE PLEASE SEE RUBBER PICS FROM HALLOWEENABOVE!!! :)

Now about this BAD "Rubber Face"

Apparently, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddaffi's (sp?) face is made out of silly putty. He puts an entirely new meaning to the "rubber face". I just HAD to post that.... Do you not agree??? However, I must say, the man can wear a hat...................... :)

My outfit post for today I'm going to refer to my outfit from Wednesday. I rushed out of the house this morning early so that I could grab my *javachip lite frappucino, with no whip, add powdered cinnamon* from Starbucks <3!

This outfit is ALMOST all Forever21 (because I love it soooo much)!

2 tanks green and cream - Forever21 $7 total
Highwaisted khaki-colored almost linen pants - Forever21 $22
Green/brown plaid shoes with awesome bow (which you can't see... sad face) - DEB $9
Sweet amber pendant necklace - Charlotte Russe gift

That's all for now.
Helloooooooooooooooooooooo nice lady!

September 24, 2009

First Attempt at the Blogging Kingdom!

Soooo... I have been reading up on a ridiculous amount of awesome fashion blogs lately! And I thought, why the heck not!?! If you're reading this, then you're probably A. one of my friends.... B. someone who cares about fashion.... or C. none of the above...... Either way, I don't care who you are! I think it's pretty sweet that you're reading this. I really want this blog to be an outlet for FaShIoN fAvS and the things that we say.... "Yeah, i'm gonna go with a NO on that one......" I'll post pics of things that I love, hate, and that are questionableeeee! I'll show you people and things in my life that are fashionistas/divas/fab fab and how awesome they are.

I like to take risks in fashion... Even though most of the fab fashion bloggers that I've been peeking at or way more risky and because of that, way more fab! I'd like to consider myself a BARGAIN SHOPPER, hence why I'll post where I got things from and how much they were. I loveeeee finding bargains. I have to say though that one thing I'd really love to be better at is shopping at second-hand/vintage stores. I have yet to master that art. But, most of the things that I pick up at stores my friends usually say something like, "Umm... that would look good on You??" That can also be translated as.... "That is hideous." "It makes me wanna vomit." "I hate it with every fiber in my being, but I know it won't change your mind." "Hopefully you can not look like a complete tool while wearing it!" "Oh, and I hope you don't wear that when you're with me!" :)

So, first post we'll go with my outfit for today... I decided to revamp this awesome black jerzeeeeeee dress from the Bonton that I got for a measley $10 (most comfortable/transitional thing love it!)! I just folded the top down and slapped a belt (Forever21 $7.50) on top to make it look like a high-waisted skirt. Then i just added a few tanks (Forever21 $7) and some sweet shoes (Charlotte Russe $22) *that I'm sorry you can't see* to make it a sweet look for work or pretty much wherever you'd wanna go.

Can I leave you with some fabulous things that are on my Wish List for fall?? Welp.... I'm doing it anyway........... Enjoy!
- My BF LOVES Chucks... I mean he literally has the same kind in a million different colors. He's fabulous too! So I figured I'd scope it out and look for my first pair.... and the link above is what I came up with!! I kinda heart them!

I have a love of ankle booties...............

And I kind of love this Soldierette Vest from Forever21! I don't have anything like it.... which makes me wanna buy it even more!

What things are on your wish lists for the fall seasons?????????

Big Gulps huh?............. Welp............... See ya later............ :)