September 27, 2009

Tomatoes... tomaaaatoes.... potatoes??

So, this post is TECHNICALLY from yesterday.....

Outfit deeeeeets:
Black Suit jacket - Sears gift from my lovely sister!
White tee - The Fray concert tee - gift from the lovely bf!
Green tank underneath - Forever21 $3.50
Skinnies - Forever21 $12.50
Filigree leaf earrings - Forever21 $3.50
Black peep toes with silver lining - WALMART $9.99 (yeah.... i said it)

Yesterday was uber fun! Me and the lovely roomie (see her pics below) went to Divine Consign in Manheim. It was lovely! I found 3 really cool finds, which i'll probably wear sometime this week! Then we took a little trip to the Sal-Val to help Char find an oversized mens button-up to put over a cute new dress she bought. Mission accomplished! I also purchased a sweet Tee that I cut up and I'll probably show this week as well. It's fab!

Her outfit:
Dress - Forever21
Sweet cowboy boots - Thrifted
Amber pendant - Borrowed out of my closet.... haha

She's hilarious.... and has a hard time keeping a straight face while photoshooting!

Sooooo... that was our day yesterday! I leave you with something that I found on this awesome site that I will most likely be trying to recreate sometime in the near future!

Just say I like reeeeeallllyyyy thin pancakes..................


MILLIE said...

lovin' your shirt

Anonymous said...

Super cute outfit!!


Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

thanks ladies!!! :)

Tiffani said...

Love your style!