March 1, 2010

Outside Pictures??? Whatttttttttttttt!??!?

2 things..... Ok, maybe 3....

1. Thank you for all of the lovely comments on my last post!! You all validated my 80's green leather skirt purchase! :) You all rock!

2. Here are my first outdoor pics... Unfortunately, unlike most of you, I'm not currently dating/married to a man yet that I can have take my pictures every day. :( Sad face. Also, I don't have a tripod... I'm gonna throw myself a mini pity party for a sec............ Ok, I'm over it. I apologize for the weirdness that is me that you are about to be subjected to in the following pictures. The Roomie and I went to a matinee showing of Dear John (it was beautiful, but I'm sure the book was better) on Saturday. This is what I wore, and these are the only pictures she felt like taking...... P.s. I make weird faces! You're welcome. :)

Outfit Deets:
Awesome huge cowl neck sweater - Victoria's Secret $15ish
Skinnies - F21 $16
Boots - Charlotte Russe $17ish
Sunglasses - Mall Kiosk (yes, I'm that classy) $10
Feather earrings - Charlotte Russe $2

And last, but certainly not least.....
3. Now, I need YOU ALL to explain to me a few blog-related things. This may exploit me for how knowledgeable I am not, but I'm willing to expose a bit of weaknesses to you, my fellow bloggers. So, here we go..... When I do most things pertaining to my blog, I do it through my "Dashboard". The dashboard tells me about myself (awesome....) and how many "followers" that I have... and then I can also see the most recent posts from all of the lovely blogs that I subscribe to. Now, is there a difference between "Following" a blog via Google or whatever and adding someone to your "blog roll"? Again, I'm sorry if this shows that I'm really not one big ball of awesomeness... I'll try to make it up in the future, I promise. For now though, humor me.... Tell me how you follow me (if at all), and possibly a slight explanation of what that means...... Thanks for being awesome! Oh, and thanks for putting up with my ramblings.... :)

Ciao bellassssssssssss


Sabrina said...

I love the photos! You look so great!!

I want to see Dear John so badly, but haven't had time. But, I am scared that it won't be as good as the book, which I loved.

Leah said...

Hi there! I'm dropping by from Bargain Hunter's Extraordinaire's blog. She was telling us about your amazing project. So excited to see it in full swing.

I love your sweater. What a nice color.

About the following and the blog roll thingy...if you didn't follow a blog via google reader and just included it in your blog roll, you won't see the updates in your dashboard. I prefer to follow a blog so that I am always updated. Hope it helps. xoxo

PS... I'm following you now.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You look adorable. :) I love that big yellow sweater. It is so chic and yet looks so incredibly comfy. I'm a huge fan of Victoria's Secret. I have gotten some freaking fantastic deals out of their catelogs. It's insane. ;)

I hope you're having a fabulous week so far!

Sidewalk Chalk said...

Such a great outfit - love the boots and the sweater together! Can't wait for our project to finally get started!

- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Fashion Therapist said...

Great outdoor pics! I follow you through my google reader and then develop my blogroll based on what I'm reading. Does that make sense or did I just confuse you more?

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love this look, the color looks really pretty on you!

Chaucee said...

Love the look! And it looks like other commentators filled you in on what you're looking for : ) Best of luck!

SWF_Terra said...

Outdoor pics are tough. I just got a gorillapod and have been experimenting with it. It's not a tripod but it's a nice compromise between a tripod and balancing my expensive camera on a bench or something! Plus they're cheapie cheap, especially if you buy them used. Got mine for fifteen bones.

You look adorable by the way. So much energy!

Can't help with Google. I don't use a Google platform.

Alix said...

i got my tripod at target for like $14. i wouldn't trust it in a wind storm with my heavy camera, but it works just fine for the most part! also, this sweater looks great on you.

Second Skin said...

Hi Christina Marie! So happy to meet (well I met you a while ago) a fellow namer! Its exciting isn't it!! I love that especially since you spell it the same, and do you go by Christina or Christi? My family calls me Christi but everyone else calls me by my full name. So, anyway, You are so cute and your outfit is very perfectly cute too!

This business about the dashboard and the following thing is a little confusing I guess. I probably do things wrong so my explanation is probably lame, but I see my blog roll as all the blogs I like to keep up on and I visit them and catch up about weekly. I work my way from top to bottom or vice a versa and the ones I have visited are highlighted so I know where I have been. I do follow a few blogs but the more I add the longer it takes for my dashboard to load and the longer it takes for me to post and get business done. I never read my google reader. And sometimes I just click on the commenters profiles and visit the blogs of commenters instead of my blog roll. I think having a blog roll is good though since it introduces new blogs to your readers that they may not know. Ah, is this all confusing. Sorry. Hope I haven't gotten you all mixed up. So basically I get to you either from my blogroll or by clicking on you when you leave a comment. I have no Idea if I am following you, but it wouldn't really matter since I don't use that anyway. :D I think there are google reader people and blogroll people. Make sense?

Clare said...

Love that sweater!!

Kyla said...

These shots are beautiful! My husband rarely takes my pictures - I prefer using my tripod. I feel more natural that way.

Bekah said...

i feel like you're becoming to cool for me to comment anymore! for have like billizillions of comments and all i wanna say is things like:
" made char take your photo!"
"your faces remind me of every stupid thing coach said in bball, and every long van ride....."
but also, i think this is my favorite clothes outfit in a bit. i dunno why...but i like it.

also, i didn't even know about the blogroll! i just google read :)

Rachel said...

I am totally wearing a very, very similiar outfit today. My cowl neck sweater is even from VS. And then my Express skinny jeans and Steve Madden tall boots. Its a little scary actually..

Kristin said...

Love the outside pics. YOu look super fab! I use Google friend connect and my blogroll to keep up with my faves!

Blicious said...

love your sweater! :)

Elaine said...

Love the outside pics! So nice of your roomie to do it for you :)

I follow blogs and put them on my blog roll. It's just a nice way to show others what blogs you like.