February 8, 2010

I'm sorrrrrrrrrrrrry ladies.......

I'm so sorry darlings for taking that "hiatus" last week.... I was swamped with work shenanigans, snow shenanigans, and lazy shenanigans... :) Thank you all for the lovely comments on the last post!! You fabulous bloggers melt my little heart!

So here goes the outfit for today.... As you can see, it's not in my usual place (a.k.a. my bathroom haha). Instead, I had to take it in the icy tundra we call our storage area for work. I just won't have time after work today because I'm headed straight to the gym and then to referee dodgeball. :)

Outfit Deets:
Shirt - Gabe's?
Belt - F21 $7ish
Skirt - Maurice's $22ish
Shoes - Guess from Bonton $40

OK, so here's the deal with an online clothing swap.... but I NEED YOUR HELP/IDEAS on how to make it work efficiently! So, I know that 12 fabulous bloggers that I'm sure we all know are doing this awesome swap. I'm jealous... clearly. :) This is how I foresee a possible online clothing swap between me, all of you, and whoever else would like to join.... I'm thinking we have people of all different sizes and such because well, we're all women and we're all fabulous and we all could benefit from each other's "new" stuff. So, my idea (and again, I'm totally open to suggestions) is for anyone lovely lady that would like to be a part of an Online Clothing Swap must email me to verify. Once you email me and we chat it up, we'll talk sizes of stuff that you have that you would like to swap, the general sizes that you are now, and where exactly in this lovely world that you are located. Then once I receive all of the interested peeps, I'll try to match people up and fit them as close as possible to their size/preferences/likes/etc. Really, the only cost to anyone will be shipping.

So beautiful, intelligent bloggers.... tell me what you think! Do you think that's a feasible way of doing it? Do you think that it could work? If not, tell me how you think we should do it... and let me even know if you're interested! Anywho, thanks lovelies!

Ciao bellasssssssss <3


Design A-Peele said...

you've got great style! thanks for visiting my giveaway over at bonbon girls. If you ever need anything from stella & dot let me know. I can get you discounted shipping! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

The heels are the best! so sexy girl!

Musing Around said...

I'm still sort of stuck on how to figure out this clothing swap. What if we all posted what we had to swap and then we made offers on each others clothes. Like if there is something that I want of yours, I'll tell you, and then you can see if I have anything you'd like to swap. Wait? Is this too complicated?

Oh, and have I told you how much I love your expressions in your photos?

Julia said...

Oh wow, this is CLASSSSY. You look stunning, and your body is rockin, girl!


carlyjcais said...

Hi! I've recently discovered your blog - and I just love it!
So I've given you a "One Lovely Blogger Award!"

You can get it here:

I love your sexy belted shirt (and I think that's a great idea of how to do an online swap!). Keep up the fabulous blogging!


Christen said...

Those shoes are so bad ass! Love the whole look :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Hey girl! I'm so glad that our group inspired you!! What we did was make a Flickr group and posted a bulletin on our sizes and when we put something up "for swap" we post pictures and then whoever thinks they might be able to style the item asks for it and then it just goes down the list! That way you don't have to style something if you don't want!

ShyGirl said...

I love this cardigan!! I want! This outfit is amazing!

Fashion Therapist said...

I actually love the storage room as your backdrop...very intriguing to the eye.

As for clothing swap...would definitely love to participate. I'll send you a separate email.

Polished Sense said...

I am loving the top with that belt! So cute and perfect on.

Happy Monday :D


WM said...

hi hun! love those shoes! amazing outfit girl! kisses!


Anonymous said...

Oh girl, once again, those are some fabulous shoes!

Aww I am so glad you like my new header and thanks for your sweet words! :)

Much love,


blabbing maggie said...

i think that sounds great, i'd love to be a part of it. let me know what you do!

briannelee said...

Perfect work outfit! Very cute!


Beautiful,beautiful outfit girl! love it :) visit my fashion photography blog if you ever find the time! <3