February 9, 2010

Snow Storm #2

Another new background...... the bathroom at work.... haha

Outfit Deets:
White vneck tee - F21 $5
Skirt - Marshall's $12.50
Tights - F21 $3
Shoes - DSW $40
Necklace - Gifted
Bracelet - Lia Sophia Gifted

Ladies in and around my area (a.k.a. Central PA), be careful driving.... the roads are already pretty bad. Anywho, enjoy the snow lovelies!!

Ciao bellassssss


Marz said...

That skirt is AMAZING!!! I wish we had Marshall's here in Canada. And only $12.99?! Wow. You look fabulous btw, I don't know how you look so chic in the middle of a snow storm. I'm bundled in 20 layers right now trying to keep warm.

Elaine said...

You look awesome!! I ilove the skirt!


Christen said...

Hmmm could you do me a huge favor? Could you take a look at F21 and let me know if the shirt you're wearing here is online? I couldn't tell which one it was exactly. I desperately need a few long-sleeve tees and I've been obsessed with this one every time you've worn it. It just looks so soft and fits you perfectly!

Stay warm tonight and tomorrow! Looks like we're both going to get some more snow... :(

Robyn said...

You look amazing as usual... but hold on. Is that a chalkboard wall in your home? You could be my new hero.

Sidewalk Chalk said...

I like how your skirt and the chalkboard complement each other. You look fabulous. Stay safe and have fun in the snow!

- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfit, sweetie! I adore that skirt!

Please be careful driving yourself if you are out. The snow in Boston hasn't started yet, but it is supposed to soon... ugh!



The Style Rider said...

Lovely skirt! What amazing deals!

briannelee said...

Cute! I really love the lace skirt.

Naveen said...

yes really beautiful looks great

Fashion Therapist said...

What a fun bathroom! I love that skirt....it's so girly and can go with so many things.

anna bu said...

great skirt+shots


rebekah said...

the bathroom as a blackboard! how awesome!

rebekah said...

also, i almost got that skirt when i was home, but realized i had nothing/nowhere nice to wear it here in africa and it would sit in my storage unit in the states, unused. that wasn't fair, so i passed it up. but dang it, i love it!

Meg said...

LOVE that lace skirt! It reminds me of one I bought for my sister at Forever21 for a Christmas present that I loved so much, I almost kept it for myself instead of giving it to her! Hahaha! I also have major love for sheer tops. Your long sleeve one is very cute!