February 28, 2010

Greeeeeen with envy!

Sooooo... here's my newest addition to my closet........ a Greeeeeeen high waisted LEATHER skirt. Fabuloussssss! :)

Outfit Deets:
Shirt - F21 $6ish
Blazer - Sears gift
Green leather skirt - Vintage from Blissful Domain $25
Booties - F21 $22

So, I wore this to work on Friday. I'm not gonna lie, I'm in love with this skirt! I have visions of chiffon tank tops with it in the summer... but I digress. So, after work I went over to Walmart. I was walking around picking up some necessities, when a woman gave me (what I thought) was the stink eye. You all know what I'm talking about. Someone doesn't like what you're wearing, so they give you the once over and look at it with disgust. Mehhh.... doesn't really bother me, but I'm like whatever. So I walk past her, and then she pretty much yells out, "UMMM IS THAT LEATHER?!?!!?" I turn around and realize she's talking to me! hahaha... And, of course, I take this opportunity to say "Yes, it's from the 80's!" She then proceeded to say, "Ohhhhh myyyy Gahhhh.... that's hott! I was wondering, cause I haven't seen anything like that for a long time!" hahahaha... Welp, thanks lady for validating my green leather skirt purchase!! No longer will I misinterpret the stink eye! :) Anywho, hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

Ciao bellassssssssssss

February 26, 2010

Introducing.......... The Mailbox Mavens!!!!!!!

Hello lovelies... Today I have a fabulous announcement that I've been trying to figure out details on for the past few weeks!!! I would like to introduce you to the fabuloussssssssss MAILBOX MAVENS!!! Unfortunately, I'm not a graphic designer, nor am I amazing at Photoshop. So please disregard the weirdy little V-dayesque flowers around the text.... Anywho............. We have come together as a group of fashionable bloggers to swap pieces of our closets with each other!

The fabulous ladies currently include (with some others to be added as we go):

Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk
Megan from the Discerning Fashionista
Amy from the Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire
Terra from Stylish White Female
Jade from Lowbrow Style
Tabitha from Fashion Therapist
Julia from Song of the Exile
Elyse from The Style Rider
Clare from Between Laundry Days
JoAnn from Sidewalk Chalk
Brianne from BrianneLee
AB from The Owl's Closet
Me from well.............. Here :)

Additional participants that may choose to style an outfit occasionally:
Kristin from Bonbon Rose

You should definitely go check out all of these lovely ladies' blogs pronto!! They're all fabulous! And I'm so excited to have this swap with all of you girls!! We're going to be re-styling each others' items, and we'll make sure to keep you posted on how we all styled it differently! The swap should be starting in the next few days! :) Can't wait!

*A big thanks to Kyla for creating our sweet button! (Check it out on my sidebar!)*

February 25, 2010

Nudey Magazine Day!

Hahaha... please forgive the title... It's not really Nudey Magazine Day.... I don't even like Nudey mags... :) Name that movie!!

Outfit Deets:
Tank - Kohl's $5ish
Cardigan - F21 $7ish
Pants - Gabriel Brothers (a.k.a. Gabe's) they're Express brand $6

So, please disregard all of the ridiculous faces and such... It was definitely even more of an off day than normal. Anywhoozle, I bought these new nude shoes because I see them everywhere, and I think they will look awesome when I have a slightly more legit tan! :) However, I do need to send them back and get a slightly smaller size. They're just a tad to big.

P.s. I purchased an awesome vintage skirt yesterday.... I'll probably wear it tomorrow! :) Pictures to come!

Ciao bellas

February 24, 2010

Pencil skirts are the Bee's Knees.

One piece of information for the day.......... Pencil Skirts are the Bee's Knees!

The end.......... :)

Outfit Deets:
Tank - F21 $3.50
Jacket - F21 $17ish
Pencil Skirt - Gabe's $5ish
Shoes - Charlotte Russe $15ish?

Ciao bellasssssssssssssss <3

February 23, 2010

It's A Plaid Kind Of Day...........

Plaid.......... I love it, but to be honest, I don't wear it very often. Why? Who knows... However, today I decided to just do it! So here's what came out of it..... :)

Outfit Deets:
Shirt Dress/Tunic - Ross or Gabe's $10ish
Tank - F21 old school $3ish
Leggings - Ross $5.50
Shoes - DSW $40ish

Yesterday, I was reading a hilarious post on Boo Mama. It's about Cereal. Check it out!! Anywho, I was reading this, and I just felt compelled to write something about....... you guessed it, CEREAL! I kind of loveeee cereal! When I was little, I hated most things dessert. (Don't hate me, but I still don't like icing or cake....) So back in the day, most of my family members would always have some sort of cereal that I could eat when everyone else was celebrating with yellow cake, funfetti cupcakes, carrot cake, angel food cake, pretty much anything else with icing.

Anywhoozle, while I was reading her post it made me think about my top cereal choices.... I'm sorry if you could really care less, but I'm going to post it anyway. :)

** Rice Krispy Treat Cereal ** - Most favorite of all time.. don't even know if they sell it anymore.... sadness.
** Banana Nut Cheerios **
** Waffle Crisp **
** Special K Blueberry ** - I had to throw at least one "healthy" cereal in the mix
** Honey Bunches of Oats **
** Cookie Crisp **

Those are just some of my favorites...... What about you lovelies??? What are your favorite types of cereal?? Random question obviously.... not related to fashion at all. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrry! :)

Ciao bellas

February 21, 2010

The Weekend Look

So Saturday consisted of going out for my friends' sister's bday! :) We went to a bar in Philly to get our dance on. I'm the type of girl that almost always wears a dress when I go out somewhere.... I, personally, have a really hard time trying to dance in jeans or pants!! It's just so uncomfortable. So, luckily, I randomly stopped at a ROSS (which I just adore) on the way to Philly yesterday.... and I found this amazing dress *AND IT HAS POCKETS*!!!! I feel like it's clearly way more appropriate to maybe wear to a wedding... but I wore it to a bar.... that has a bull that you can ride. haha Clearly, I didn't take a ride on that bull last night.......

Outfit Deets:
Dress - Ross $25!
Shoes - DSW $30ish on sale

These shoes have so many straps, and lots of ruffles, and so much awesomeness... I love them!!!

Ciao bellassssssssss <3

Giveaway Winner!

Soo.... I won a giveaway from the beautiful Elaine at Clothed Much. Thanks girl!!

These awesome lip blisses are from What's Your Virtue! Check out their site to see some other sweet goodies. They sent me a sweet set of 6 different colors. They're all named after..... you guessed it.... Virtues! My favorite........ Wisdom! :) That's the one I'm wearing in those pictures below.

Ciao bellassssssssss

February 19, 2010

Does it work? Umm... I'm not sure

Outfit Deets:
Tank with necklace attached - F21 $20ish
Gray high waisted pants of awesomeness - F21 Sale! $5
Tan "jacket" - Friend's
Shoes - Guess from Bonton $40

Ok, so I'm torn on this outfit. I kind of love it... and at the same time, I don't know if I should love it. What do you ladies (and gents now) think? Do we think that the tan and grey somehow coordinate enough to make this outfit acceptable??? I'm torn. That is all. :)

Have a lovelyyyyyyyyy weekend!!

Ciao bellassssssss

February 18, 2010

I'm running out of "clever" things to say.........

Soooo.... lovely ladies....... What's everyone been up to this week? Everyone on the east coast that has been handling the snow (like me), have you survived? Did you make it?? I hope so. Anywho, this outfit is what I wore on Monday night when I was running around with my family (nephews included) and heading to watch a basketball game. I don't wear flats much, but it was clearly appropriate for this occasion.

Outfit Deets:
Vneck sweater - F21 $7ish
Scarf - F21? Don't remember...
Skinnies - F21 $16
Flats - Ross $11ish

Hope you all have a fan-frickin-tastic evening!!! After work *the 2nd job*, I'll definitely be watching the Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and of course Project Runway! :) Any big plans for the evening?

Ciao bellasssssss

February 17, 2010

Snow? Nahhhhhhh....

Snow?? Nope... no more snow....... there aren't 6 ft. piles of gross disgusting dirty (possibly yellow) snow sitting all around the city..... No, there aren't lawn chairs randomly sitting in spots that people have dug themselves out of.... Nope, there are definitely not ginormous icicles hanging treacherously at every corner..... haha, nope, none of that is going on here in Lancaster. It's actually Spring now in case you got confused.... :) Ok, I'm done. Please forgive me. Anywhoozle, on to my outfit for today....

Outfit Deets:
Oversized sweater - F21 $15ish
Black Tank - ??? years ago
Skirt - Maurices $22ish
Shoes - DSW $35

This outfit is comfy, and yet I feel a certain bit of sexy in it. Not sure why exactly. Maybe it's the cage heels? I haven't actually had the chance to wear these out of the house yet, so I figured why not today when snow is mounded up on all sides of me?? Welp, I did it. I'm so bold and daring... I even rocked it without tights. I may be slightly regretting that decision as we speak and as I'm sitting in my cold office. Oh well!! :) Hope you all have a lovely hump day!

Ciaooooo bellas <3

February 15, 2010

Vday Schmeeday........

Sorry for the absence! My sister, her hubs, and my nephews have been visiting this whole weekend! I've been spending as much time with them as possible! I also accidentally left my camera in my sister's diaper bag.... But now I have it back, and we will be back to our regularly scheduled posts. :)

Here was my outfit from Saturday night! I went to see Owl City in concert at Messiah College! They were awesomeeeeee in concert! A band named Alpha Rev opened for them, and they were amazing too! All-in-all it was a fab time!

Outfit Deets:
Navy Cardi - Ross $12ish
Striped Tank - F21 $3.50
Skinnies - F21 $16
Belt - F21 $7ish
Boots - Charlotte Russe $22

I hope everyone had an amazing V-day! I spent mine with my true Valentines......... my family. :) Much loveeeee ladies!

Ciao bellas! <3

February 10, 2010

PA "Blizzard"

This is what happens in PA when a "blizzard" comes through.......... Here is why there will be no outfit post today... Unless I get crazy later and wanna play dress-up by myself.. :)

These are pics of outside of my apartment/door/alley way.... Snow covered!! So instead....... This is what my day consists of........

TV and a Blue Moon.......... I'm lazy......... haha. I'd really love to play some football outside. However, I'm snowed in by myself currently.... and that doesn't make much of a game.......... :)

Ciao bellasssssssssssssss