October 13, 2009

10,000 lightning bugs

This is how I left the house this morning.....
Outfit Deets:
Cream Pea coat - Azura Boutique on sale $30!
Grey long sleeve v-neck - F21 $4.50
Black strapless jerzee dress worn as skirt - Bonton $9
Brown belt - F21
Gray knee high socks - F21 $5.50 for 2 pairs?
Brown Suede Boots - Charlotte Russe $17ish

I love these socks....... they're amazing! And I probably would've never paired these like this if not for the fabulous fashion bloggers that post their amazing outfits everyday! :)

Without the coat.......... I kind of love it!

Last but not least.... the infamous "Fixing my socks" pose. :) haha... Today is filled with the usual work 9-5, and then I have a powder puff football game to attend (unfortunately not play in) for work purposes. I, luckily, only have to stay until halftime! After that, it will probably be movie night with the roomie.... My life is so fabulous, I can barely take it! ;)

I leave you with an original thought today... instead of a movie quote.....

"......when you're wondering why certain things are happening... and you wonder how you got to where you are... you have to just look up. God brings things into your life sometimes to try and test you... but ultimately to make you a better person. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and WILL give you the desires of your heart."


Kyla said...

Sooo cute!

Kelly Denise said...

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have a great one

Julia Whicker said...

That coat is so beautiful--there's nothing more luxe than a white coat, I say. You look gorgeous! xo

craftygal86 said...

Your outfit is way cute! Love the belt and boots, and those socks are fab! =D

Dylana said...

So cute! Love your skirt!



Linda said...

The fixing the socks pose? Well you have to! I constantly have to pull those darn things up.