October 8, 2009

Black is the new black...........

Outfit deets:
Black fabulous long-sleeve jerzee dress *a.k.a. awesome* - Ross (last night) $14
Tights - F21
Brown belt with butterfly - Aeropastle (a million yrs ago) $5
Ankle booties - same from before $22

Well hellooooooo lovelies! Here is my outfit for today. I'm not gonna lie, it's UBER comfortable! Also, I know you're asking...... did she dye her hair red?? Umm... no..... at least, I didn't think so. The only thing I can think of is that I was visited by a Leprachaun in my sleep and that's kinda how it happened. Or my Ginger *red headed* bf decided that I should be a ginger too....... We can't all be gingers. For real though, I have no idea why my hair looks crazy red in these pics. It is straightened *kind of* for once. Usually you all see the curls out in all of their glory.... Today... you see the semi straight hair... It's a privilege. Ya'll should really know that. :)

Ok next question for all of you lovelies out there......... I just bought a pair of gray harem pants that were on clearance at F21 for like $5. How could I not get them???? Issue: They are like a sweatpant material... they're high-waisted (which I actually love high-waisted things). So my question to all of you fashionistas out there........ How can I wear them?? I need a work appropriate look *if that's possible*. I think that I might be able to come up with a night/weekend look, but that has yet to be seen. So, let me hear your thoughts!!!

"............ and in the morning........ I'm MAKING WAFFLES!!!"


Julia Whicker said...

That belt is the tops! You're beautiful; what's your ethnicity? Love the blog, gorgeous!

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

Thanks Julia!! :) I'm actually Italian and Sicilian... I know that I probably don't look like it though. It's so funny that you asked what ethnicity I am, because it seems like that is always the question with everyone! But thanks for the fab words! Your blog is awesome... Your fashion is on point... and your beautiful! :)