October 12, 2009

Look...... I'm a ninja!!! :)

Girls' Night Out!! Pics below!

Outfit Deets:
Long gray sweater - Ross $9
Black tanktop ? - cheap
Black leggings with pattern you can't see - Ross $4
ZEBRA HEELS! - Charlotte Russe $17

It was freezing!

Helloooooooo all! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! This outfit post is technically from yesterday. Sooo.... I was supposed to have a Clothing Swap yesterday.... however, everyone was scheduled to work last minute blah blah blah! So it was officially postponed. I'm not sure of the exact date yet, but I want to MAKE SURE everyone can come. So, instead of the Clothing Swap... me and some of my besties went to Iron Hill Brewery (love that place). We enjoyed fab martinis and then had an impromptu photo shoot on this awesome old rusty bridge! I'll try to get outfit photos from today later on.....

So, until then........ What's your favorite fall fashion trend that you're dying to try???

"At'll do piggy.......... at'll do............"

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Caroline, Lucky Umbrella said...

Cute outfit! I dig the long cardi on you!

PS. I paused my iTunes when I heard your song. I love Owl City...reminds me of summer!