October 5, 2009

Who doesn't like 12 hr. work shifts??? Hmmmmmmm?????

Sunday's outfit deets:
"Stop Snitching" tee - Sal Val $.50!! I chopped it off and made it an 80's flashback!
Navy blue beater - $3.50 Forever21
Skinny jeans - $12.50 Forever21
Brown Riding Boots - $22.50 Charlotte Russe
Romeo the cat - Priceless................ haha

Helloooooooooo friends! This is the weekend/today post because I missed posting this weekend. Saturday I worked from 11 am. til 10 pm. So, the only outfit I wore on Saturday was a men's button up/tie/black pants/apron combo. It was utterly delightful.... of course! Anyways, so yesterday I went shopping (I know, again you're shocked!) with my lovely friend Cara! We went to find her some new clothes at *Forever21*, of course! I loveeeeee that store soooo much. She came out with sooo many good finds! I only picked up a few things.... because I was trying to be good! Below you will see 1 of the lovely items that I purchased.... It's that black soldierette jacket below!!! Sooooooooooooooo fab!

^^ With the jacket

^^Without the jacket.... please disregard my face.... I was struggling to get a good shot. haha

Today's outfit deets:
New Black soldierette jacket - $24.50 Forever21
Dress with attached belt - $10 Charlotte Russe
Black tights - $5 (for 3 pair) Forever21
Black peep toes with silver trim - $9 WALMART hehehe
Chain neclace - Forever21 Gift

Rule #76 - Play like a champion!


Kyla said...

That outfit with the new jacket is HOT!

Anonymous said...

Love that jacket!! You look gorgeous!!