January 28, 2010

Flowers and boots and purple and hoots....

Thank you all sooooooooooo much for all of the fab feedback on the last post!! You guys have been so wonderful!!! I'm sorry about the commenting problems! I changed it around a bit, so hopefully it's working now! :)

Outfit Deets:
Sweater - I don't remember? sorry.... lol.
Dress - Charlotte Russe $16
Purple tights! - Target $5
Boots - Charlotte Russe $17ish

So, here is my first ever "crazy" color tights outfit! I know it's really not that crazy.... lol. But it's the first time I'm not wearing black, gray, or tan tights. I'm oh so daring! :) I don't know how I feel about it... but I THINK I like it.... Thoughts?

Soooooo....... I need to measure the amount of interest ya'll would have in an ONLINE CLOTHING SWAP! I'm currently discussing it with another fab blog, and we're figuring out if it's possible. If we tried to host an online clothing/accessory/shenanigan swap, would you participate? In my delusions of grandeur, I'm thinking we get alot of people... all different shapes/sizes/styles/etc....... So I just want to know your thoughts! Kkkkkkkk

Ciao bellas!!


Meg said...

You're the queen of bright, awesome colors! Love it. Your outfits just make me happy even looking at them. Ha! :]

ShyGirl said...

You're outfit is so cheery! I love it! The purple tights look awesome

Leah said...

it's the perfect spring outfit, or when you just want to look spring-ish. i like the purple tights with it, good call.

& i don't know how an online clothing swap would work, but it sounds cool. details, details, details please! (when y'all figure things out)

Sidewalk Chalk said...

Love this dress on you! It's so perfect for spring!
- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

blabbing maggie said...

love the tights!! too cute!

and i'm down for a swap. clothes, accessories, shoes, or everything? let me know details!

rebekah said...

ah! this is a favorite!!!! o mygosh, christina! i love it! i love it! i love it! it looks so springy and fresh :)

Anonymous said...

Hey...I really like this outfit...hope you are able to stay warm! I also am from "Amish Country"...good ol' Lancaster, PA! I would definitely be interested in a clothing swap, check out your blog every day! Keep us posted on details!


sexylegsandbody said...

Hey it looks great!! It really fits in perfectly with your outfit!!
Great post, and thanks for leaving a thought on my last post.

Hope your weekend is gonna rock!

E said...

I love the purple tights and the fun print of that dress!

myedit said...

That dress has me dreaming of summer... ahaha, it's still so far away.
I'd definately be in for a swap. I have so much to give away, i just feel bad taking anything because I am a hoarder and I deserve no more clothes!!!

ejessop said...

I'd be interested in an online swap! Sounds like fun...plus I have a number of things sitting in my closet that don't quite fit me and ought to find happy new homes.

Christen said...

I generally send all of my unwanted clothes to my cousin who needs them. So I don't think I have much to contribute to the swap unfortunately :(

And the print on that dress is bananas!

Megan Wolf said...

um. WOW. I love every part of this outfit. I want those boots. and that dress. and those tights. sigh. what a great outfit! I adore all of that color on you! the purple is so nice against your skin. very pretty, but funky outfit!