January 10, 2010


Well hello there lovelies!!!!! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Kwanza! Happy Hannakuh!........ (I can't think of any other ones.... sorry!!!)

I'm sooooo sorry that I've been on hiatus for what feels like forever!!! However, I'm back now officially.... and life can resume as it was before! Some of the many reasons/excuses why I was away for the past however many weeks....... 1. Holidays - obviously.... 2. I was in Maine for New Years visiting my lovely familia!... 3. Card reader malfunction *found in previous post haha*..... 4. Just because.........

So now, I have officially come back from the "holidays", Maine, have a new card reader, ipod, outlook on life, and other very fun things!

Outfit deets: (All new! From Christmas money purchases... haha)
Zip up sweater - F21 $17.50
Tank - F21 $3.50
Jeans - F21 $12.50

Sooooooooo........ in these pictures, I feel that my shoes look like I photoshopped them in! The blueness is slightly obnoxious........ but I ADORE them! :)

ALSO ********I have an awesome sponsored GIVEAWAY that will be coming up sometime this week!!!! So you had better check in with me daily!!!*****

Ciao bellas!


Kyla said...

Perfect outfit!

betz said...

I totally adore your shoes!!!! love your smile as always.


Laura Gerencser said...

Love your jacket!!!

Julia said...

Wonderful nautical look! Can't wait for the giveaway, I'm feeling lucky!

Iva said...

GREAT sweater!!

Orchid Grey said...

now I'm worried that my email isn't working or it's going to your spam folder, did you get my second note?

Orchid Grey said...

Ok, sorry for all the confusion, I need your name, address, and which hat you would like to receive from Cupcake Fedora. I am receiving emails from you, so you can just send me an email and I'll forward it to the people from the shop. Sorry this is so weird, I'm not sure why you aren't getting my emails.

Fashion Therapist said...

Welcome back1 I'm loving that hoodie from F21 - it has such cute details.