January 4, 2010

Since Everyone Else Is Doing It..........

Hello lovelies! I hope all of you had a fantastic New Years! I'm currently in Maine visiting my family, so that explains the lack of posts..... :P Sorry! Anywho, I'm gonna jump on the "2010 Goals" bandwagon!! Here is a list of my 2010 goals... and I hope that by posting it on here, I can try even harder to keep up with them! (P.s. I am competitive.... however, I hope I'm not a jerk!! *see picture above..... lol*)

1. Eat healthier! - I eat ALOT of food.... I just loveeee food! It's a tough thing though to try and eat healthy when I also love to go out to eat. So, here I'm stating that I'm going to try to cook more and eat more healthy. There.......... I said it............ :P haha

2. Maintain a legit workout schedule every week! I actually really enjoy working out! I am just filled to the brim with extra "stuff" in my schedule so I sometimes use that as an excuse not to workout. No more!

3. I have a couple rec sports leagues coming up.... because I LOVE SPORTS! I'm playing in a dodgeball league in February (p.s. don't laugh because it's actually RIDICULOUSLY FUN!! haha). My softball league starts in April and runs until Septemberish. And I'll probably be playing in a bball league starting in June. So, I know this may sound like alot, but I'd like to do even more! I just absolutely love being involved in sports and leagues and other fun shenanigans. :) So I want to be involved in as many as I can find!

4. I really want to start going swing dancing consistently. The Lancaster Swing Dance Club has swing dancing every Saturday night, and I'd love to get better at it and go more consistently!

5. I would like to hang out with all of my friends more consistently. It's tough because alot of them are married, have kids, don't live that close.... but I need to make it more of a priority to keep my friendships more intact.

6. I need to not worry/over-analyze things as much. I have to learn to rely on God way more. Bottom line.

7. Be a more consistent blogger!!! I want to make it more fun for everyone! I'd love to do Tuesday Shoe Day and Fitness Friday. That's what I need to try and be consistent with. I do cook/bake too... so I'd love to remember to try and post pictures and recipes as well. I would love feedback on other stuff that you would like to see.

8. Ultimately.... be a better person. I want to give back more. I need to give back more. Specific goals - Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, etc.

9. I'd love to be a part of a run that benefits something.... I know there are alot out there. I want to participate in one. I'm not, by any means, saying that it should be a marathon... because I'm pretty sure I'm not made for that. But maybe a 3.5K or something like that. It'd be great to say that I did it!

10. To solve more people's problems.... I'm not tooting my own horn saying that I'm awesome, but I think that I'm decent at helping people figure out solutions to personal problems. (However, this does not apply to myself.... because I'm way better at helping others rather than listening to my own advice........ I digress.) I'd love to help more people in that way. If any of you have any problems/issues no matter how big or small, I'd love to help talk it through and hopefully help out in some way. Feel free to email me at alwayssmilin04 @ yahoo.com.

Anywho, this is what I've come up with so far.......... Thanks for reading if you did. :) Let me know what some of your goals are!!

Ciao bellas!!!!


Treacle said...

I'm sure you'll achieve every one of your goals, and the picture at the top made me crack up!

P.S. Thanks so much for entering my giveaway! Please stop by again soon. :-)

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Slamdunk said...

I love your #3. Dodgeball? Now that must be a blast.

Midtown Girl said...

Happy New Year!!

#10 is my fav - always looking for advice & suggestions - so I heart this resolution ;-)

ps - you look gorgeous in that outfit post - the jeggings are a perfect fit!!


The Owl's Closet said...

these are great resolutions!:D i look forward to shoe tuesdays and fitness fridays. yes, definitely recipe posts!:D #1 and 6, i also need to work on for 2010:) i totally feel ya with #5. many of my friends have moved away or have gotten married, too:) but u're right, these shouldn't be excuses. i just gotta work extra hard to keep the friendship going:) thanks for the inspiration! i just love that about u and this blog:)


Kristin said...

Eating healthier. I said I was going to start on Jan. 2. How about Jan 11? Ah ha ha

Phyllis said...

nice.. i like 5. i need to do that too i think... cant keep putting them on the back burner

Juliana said...

Love number 5 and 10---

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