January 20, 2010

Hump day.... and I'm a Weeeener!

Outfit Deets:
Shirt - F21 cheap
Skirt - Maurice's $20ish
Necklace - Giveaway gift!

The necklace that I won from Rebekah! Thanks Girl!! Check out her blog here!

Today I was at the post office.... and I was picking up another giveaway present that I won (more info on that later!). The post man went back and got my package.... and it said my last name really big on it. Let's just say I have a very Italian last name. He comes back up to me and this is what ensues *loudly in front of the giant line of people*....

Post man: "Are you in the mafia?"
Me with puzzled look: "I'm sorry, what?"
PMan: "Your last name.... are you in the mob?"
Me............ still puzzled................: "Are you talking about Bernardo *Insert my last name here*"
PMan: "Yes."
Me: "Umm... no I don't think so.... But I guess you never know if I'm related to them."
PMan: "Ok, well I just wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna get whacked."
Me.... uhhhhhhhh.............: "OK.... welp......... see ya later."

If I really was in the mafia, would I really tell him?????? But these are the things that happen to me on a daily basis........ if I'm not some sort of black celebrity, then I'm in the mafia. :)

Ciao bellas!

Don't forget about my lovely GIVEAWAY!


SWF_Terra said...

Necklace and shoes = fantastic. Congrats btw!

Orchid Grey said...

the shoes and necklace add the perfect amount of pop to this outfit, lovely! you're a real winner lately, congrats!

ShyGirl said...

Your shoe collection is out of this world!! And that necklace is just beautiful..congrats!!

betz said...

I'm in love with your necklace. btw, i left you an award on my blog!


Meg said...

Those SHOES!!!!! Ugh. You're killing me. I want them. Now! They look lovely with the all black ensemble.

C. said...

love the outfit, especially the shoes!


blabbing maggie said...

i am literally D.Y.I.N.G. for those shoes. seriously. blue suede? LOVES IT.

i may copy you. just so you know. don't hate me!

AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

Fantastic outfit - those blue suede shoes are fantastic!

Sabrina said...

Well Hello Sexy Lady!! You look fantastic. Love the pop of color in the shoes. They are amazing!.

I love the necklace, it such a great piece.

Danielle Barbe said...

fabulous shoes!