January 21, 2010

Thursday means 2 things........

Thursdays mean Project Runway and Grey's Anatomy!!! Weeeee!!! So I'm watching Project Runway currently.... love this new season so far! :)

Outfit Deets:
Shirt - F21 cheap
Skirt - Gabe's cheap (It's a little big so I'm not totally in love with it...)
Shoes - you know....... DSW! $40

So as you can see, I kind of changed things up a little bit on my blog! I kinda dig the new feel of the blog!! I still have some things to tweek, but all in all I'm pleased!

I have officially reached 50 followers!! Hoorrrayyyyyy! :) Thank you all for being so awesome, and for all of the loverrrrly comments on this blog! I really do try and stop by and say heyyyyy to all of you lovelies! But seriously, you all ROCKKKKK!
As you can see.... I like to use multiple letters when making a statement... haha

Ciao bellasss! :)

1 comment:

betz said...

congrats on your 50 followers! way to go! i love thursday nights too! it's my Damon (the vampire diaries) and McDreamy night! i agree about PR. this season is great!