January 12, 2010

Tuesday Shoe Day!!! .....and other various ramblings.... :)

MEOWWWWW SHOES!!! MEOWWWWW! Tuesday Shoe Day featured shoe...... just got these from Charlotte Russe! They were a measly $17ish? I think....... I don't remember. Oh my... However, I love them!!!

Then with my awesome tights from F21 (of course)

Outfit Deets:
Shirt - somewhere... for some price.... a long time ago. haha
Skirt - Maurices $20ish
Tights - F21 $5.50
Shoes - Charlotte Russe $17ish
P.s. I think the outfit looked a little better in person... but maybe not... who knows!

Sometimes I make the weirdest faces in these pictures.... but I'm too lazy to take any more!! lol.... Anywhoozle..... so who knew that I was SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME that I could actually warrant a negative comment on this blog???? I mean really.... I'm shocked!! I'm no famously amazing blogger by any means.... at least not yet.... mwahaha. :) However, on the previous post I received a lovely comment that wanted to let me know that I was "cute.... but definitely no Janet Jackson...." and then they proceeded to be rude to one of my other followers/commenters. The icing on the cake - their name..... "Anonymous". Oh the lovely anonymous, how we hide behind you so that we can say rude things to people and noone will know it was us..... My, my, how mature we are. Update - to be honest, the comment itself does not offend me, and is probably not THAT big of a deal. HOWEVER, there was no need to be rude to anyone else that comments on my blog. This blog is not for people to be rude to anyone (unless it's me being semi-rude *sorry* to Anonymous)........ So in the future, I hope that all of the Anonymous' out there will learn when it is appropriate to speak.... and when it isn't. Thank. You. :)

***Side note - my previous post in no way meant that I, by any means, thought that I look like Janet Jackson. I was in no way trying to say that I'm too amazing to look like J.J. Please disregard it if it offended you because you are a HUGE J.J. fan......... Rock on Janet!! :) ***


Kyla said...

Oh, that haters ... welcome to club. I just remind myself how much their life must suck to be reading my blog that they obviously dislike. Poor schmucks.

Nerdic.. said...

Love the tights!
X, fashionnerdic.

Lovelyladyjb said...

I love the shoes! I also like how you are a fashionista and budgetnista! lol I will definitely keep coming back!


Anonymous said...

You know they say you have only made it when you have been booed, so congratulations! ;D Well, don't listen to people because your blog is fantastic and your style is amazing... like those shoes! Wow, in love!



Iva said...


Tina said...

Yay for new shoes!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Those shoes are clearly gorgeous. I like the colours of them. They look great with those tights!

The Owl's Closet said...

love, love ur shoes! just $17?? such a great deal!! i'll have to check out f21, ive been searching for similar tights!! yikes, sorry to hear about what happened on ur last post:( but well said!!:)


SWF_Terra said...

Fantastic shoes! The price is even better.