January 11, 2010

I'm Janet Jackson now??!?!?! Whatttttttt

Outfit deets:
Long sleeve shirt - F21 $5.50
Skirt - Marshalls $10ish
Tights - F21 $3.50
Shoes - DSW $40
Sunnies - Mall Kiosk... haha $10.50

Sooooo I was digging this outfit today. I work this to work this morning. The only change I could've made was to pull the skirt up higher so the waist wasn't so in between. However, unless I wanted my hoohah hanging out for the world to see, then I couldn't hike it up any higher.

Couple things....... on Saturday night I went out with some friends. I wore this amazing dress *pictures to follow when I steal them from my friend*.... So this guy, who's actually talking to my friend, leans over the table and asks me to come closer. Then he whispers to me, "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Janet Jackson?? But in a beautiful way........." I was quite confused at whether to be offended or overjoyed. To me, the only way I would look like J.J. is if I pinched my nose together and then had a wardrobe malfunction........ Wooooops! However, I have an Italian nose...... and I'm not planning on having my tatas hangin' out anytime soon! I digress...............

Also, if you haven't headed over to Victoria's Secret for their Semi-annual sale yet, YOU. MUST. GO! I bought 7 BRAS, 2 PAIRS OF UNDIES, and little inserts for those of us who are not blessed........ all for $120!!!!!!! Normally, for that price I might have gotten 2 bras and a few undies........ Nope! It. Was. Awesome. So there you have it! Do it! ****This is not sponsored by Vicky's.............. hahaha I wish!****

Ciao bellas!


Anonymous said...

great outfit! you're stunning (:


ShyGirl said...

Super cute skirt!! love the outfit from head to toe!

Nina said...

The black and white combo never fails ... case in point ... your fab outfit!

You are certainly more beautiful than JJ!

Anonymous said...

You are cute and all, but no where near as cute as Janet!
@ Nina , get your damn eyes checked! LMFAO!

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

I like that people who post rude comments have to post as Anonymous. That's nice.......... NOT.

Bekah said...

ya know....i lvoe that you are getting all this traffic, but i was wondering when the mean comments would start :(
o friend....uhh, you're way better looking than janet, and i for one am glad you dont' let it all hang out. o dear.
i LOVE the skirt! and the shoes...
and i KNEW you'd be glad i finally got aroudn to posting. thank you. thank you :)
as always, you kill me and ou're hilarious

Alix said...

#1 you do not look like JJ. you are leaps and bounds prettier. #2 that skirt is just perfect!

Vivian Tumasonis said...

Your blog is so cool!!!!!!!!!

Kisses from Brazil!!


Nubiasnonsense said...

Your skirt is divine