December 9, 2009

Here's what I do know.......

So can I make an honest and yet kind of shallow revelation about myself??... Yes, I can because it's my blog and I'll do what I want. :) Sooooo.... the last post that I did was one of my fav. "chill" outfits. When I took the picture (and posted them) I thought to myself, "I wonder what all the beautiful ladies will think of them!" It may be vain and shallow..... but I can't help it dang it! Anywho, my comments obviously usually get sent to my email, so I check randomly to see if anyone had thoughts or whatever. So I got 0, zilch, nada, nun, diddly squat emails in reference to comments on the last post..... And I thought to myself, maybe people didn't like this outfit as much as I did? :P Oh well.................... boo...... sad face. sad face. haha. However, I get on today to make this exact post (minus this little rant), and come to find out that I actually had 5 lovely comments on my post and 2 on the one before that. Never. Got. The. Email! So thank you all of you lovely ladies out there that commented on the last 2 posts! I'm clearly a shallow person that longs to hear what you think!!! :) I do wanna welcome the newbies too! Stick around. You may or may not be disappointed.

On to the real reason for this post............... I stumbed across this blog today. It's called Project 320... These awesome people are trying to Build. A. Well. They're doing it! And it's awesome, and I think in this holiday season when we're looking to give all of ourselves to everyone around us.... It's important to remember why we're here in the first place. We're on earth to serve others, whether through our gifts (be it fashion, writing, blogging, speaking, listening...) or through our finances, or through our prayers. So, I donated. You clearly don't have to. But I think it's a nice thing to kinda send out there. Check out the site, and if you feel that you wanna support them in some way.... then by all means do it. :)

Here are a couple of photos of my favorite things/people in life. *Outfit post later*

Me and my ADORABLE NEPHEWS!!! Noah and Landon

Landon :)

Me and Noah

Some of my lovely BF's.

More to come lovelies!

Ciao bellas!!!!! <3


ShyGirl said...

Your nephews are so adorable!! And I love your little hat, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Aww your nephews are adorable! The picture of you and your girls is awesome too! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. :)


Nina said...

You have a lovely family!


rebekah said...

its funny to me that people comment on the family that don't know them! hahahaha.
i SO know the feeling about writing and having no comments. i have been trying to be better at writing on my friends blog because well, if you blog, yo obviously care about what you are saying and its nice to have some sort of feedback on that, ya know?!?!
i'm coming home soon, fashionista so you better be ready for a coffee date!

Velo said...

how cute those guys... lovely noah and landon. =)

Marce said...

Beautiful photos! Very lovely people in your life =)

Kristin said...

LOVE the munchkin shots. So cute!

Julia said...

Interesting thoughts on comments. I did a whole post on comments a couple weeks ago and it's really gotten me interested in the media-culture blogging has going on. I'm glad you got some! Of course people loved your outfit, you looked darling!


betz said...

oh, your nephews are adorable! you got a lovely smile.