December 1, 2009

Who asked for the whoop @$$ fajitas???

Outfit deets:
White shirt: To be honest i don't remember, but it was cheap. :)
Black tank: a million years old cheap
Black tights with pattern that you can't see: F21 $5
Brown riding boots: Charlotte Russe $22.50
Brown belt: F21 $7
Cat: Romeo........ free

Soooooooo..... about the title of this post...... Last night I went to see Boondock Saints II with my friend Stauby... and this is what I wore. (The title is a quote from the movie) :) So, I really wanted to rock the tights as pants thing. I run into somewhat of a dilemma though...... I dunno if ya'll notice this, but I look "ethnic". That basically means that people never know what ethnicity/nationality that I am, so I like to tell people I'm whatever you want me to be. But anyways..... with this ethnicity confusion comes a...................... badonkadonk.....(i'm not sure that's how you spell it... but since I couldn't find it in webster's dictionary.......)........ does that make sense people?? I got myself a booty!!! Now, hooray for all of you stick figures that can rock tights as pants and NOT have your bubble booty popping out for all to see. Really, I salute you. However.......... I don't really have that option. My booty is too pronounced compared to the rest of my body to just let it be out in all of its glory in tights. Soooooo... after I put this outfit together and really liked the shirt-belt-tights-boots combo.... I had to think of a way to "disguise" the booty (I mean technically there's really no way of legit disguising it because it's vavavavoom, but I'm cool with that). After much deliberation and chatting with my cats about what they thought hahah.......... I came up with what I thought was a nice solution. I took a really tight long black tank that I put on under the white shirt and pulled it down across the cheeks. It seemed to camouflage nicely enough. :) You couldn't really even tell........ but anywho.... that's what happened last night. That's the story that is my life........

Ciao bellas!!!! :)


ShyGirl said...

love this outfit! so cute!

Linda said...

ha! you should see my badunkadunk, it's larger than life and poses a problem when buying pants and skirts and dresses...urg! My husband loves it...I do not!
Yours is tiny, I hate you

Kyla said...

If you got it, flaunt it! All those stick figures WISH they had a booty like that!

Julia said...

I love your booty! I wish I had one! Thanks for your nice response to my SOS post. I love this outfit; you have a KILLER figure, girl!


At least I'm skinny said...

I've got some junk in my trunk as well so I'm feeling you on the whole tights as pants dilemma. I haven't been able to find anything that will work for me so I kinda gave up.