December 4, 2009

Shiny is how I like it

So I felt good walking out of the house this morning in this.......... And when I was walking into Starbucks to get my morning *Java chip lite frapp with no whip add cinnamon*, I noticed how shiny I was in the reflection of the windows!! Haha... I got a kick out of it. The barista told me she loved my skirt, and as I was walking into my work building this morning I was told that I look "spiffy". And that same person told me that I shouldn't have to carry anything because I look so good...... and she was a woman. :) Mehh... I'll take the complements regardless! haha

Outfit deets:
Gray v-neck tee: F21 $5ish?
Black sequin skirt: Thrifted $6
Black cutout shoes: DSW $40 (Fav. pair!)
Silver leaf necklace: F21 $5

Originally I was going to wear a boyfriend blazer over it, but then I thought A. it's too much black for me today and B. it's not really that cold out. The end.

Ciao bellas!!


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i loves it, shiny AND thrifted...great find!

Kyla said...

Mmmm...I LOVE that skirt. And it's a thrifted treasure?! Love it even more!

ShyGirl said...

That skirt is to die for!! Love it with the silver necklace, such a great outfit!

Linda said...

that skirt is amazing! LOVE!