December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas Friends!!!

Hello all of you lovely ladies!! :) Merry Christmas!! Sooo sorry for the lack of posts during this holiday!! I've been hanging out with the family, and chilling with the parentals. I have many outfit posts to update you all on.... and many a Christmas gift to show you!! However.... I may be semi-retarded.... because I tried to put my bosses' camera card into my card reader on my laptop. However, it was the wrong size... Sooooo.... long story short, my genius friend had to disassemble my computer completely and force the card out. Because of that shenanigans, I can't use the card reader in my laptop anymore..... So I need to go buy an external card reader that I can plug into my computer.

Does anyone have any ideas where I could purchase one of those at a decent rate???? Hmmmm??? Let me know lovelies!!

Thankssssss! Ciao bellas!!!!

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The Owl's Closet said...

sounds like u had a wonderful holiday:) sorry to hear about ur card reader. ive never purchased one before, but i hope u find one soon at a decent price!:D with all the sales going on, perhaps u could snag one for cheap:)