December 14, 2009

To work out or not to work out..... that's the question

Soooooooo... These pics below are because I was bored.... hahaha... On Friday, my outfit for work was uninspired. So, I decided to post a little fitnesseeee thing. Below are What I Wore to the gym on Friday. Please hold your laughter at my ridiculous faces until the end.... hehe

Outfit deets:
Yellow racerback tank: Walmart $7
Black workout pants: Nike $9
Sneaks: Nike Free from job

So I figured I'd post a bit about workout routines and what I think about them. If you don't care about fitness (which is perfectly fine!) or you don't feel like reading... you should probably stop...... Now. :) Anywho, I've been involved in sports It's pretty much one of my passions. I love playing sports!! Yes, it is possible to be a complete tomboy and into sports and also LOVEEEE to dress up and try your best to be "fashionable". It's totally legit. I believe some sort of fitness is important for everyone.... not because of "weight" persay or being "fat" or "skinny" or "weighing a certain #". Fitness is not about weighing 100 lbs. or 200 lbs. Fitness is about feeling good, being healthy, and being "in shape". I work out because at the end of the day, I feel better after working out (as opposed to laying on the couch eating chips & salsa and watching my fav. shows on tv).... or let's just say... when I get home from working out, I feel better about laying on the couch eating chips & salsa and watching my fav. shows.... hahaha. I think it's important to "reward" yourself with good food that you love. I am, by no means, a HEALTHY FOOD NAZI!!! No way Jose..... I loveeeeeeeeee food. I especially loveeeee the extra fattening food (see Chips & Salsa, French Fries, Pizza, Stromboli, Pasta..... you get the picture). However, I can definitely notice when I get into the "I'm gonna house every waking french fry on this plate, even though I'm not hungry anymore" mode... that my body obviously answers back. But I digress..........

Workout routine.... for those of you that care. :)
Cardio portion - Interval training (a.k.a. a better way to run). I do 15 mins usually. The way to do it is..... I run at a 5.2 for 5 mins to warm up. Then I sprint for 30 seconds at a 7.2. Then run again 1:30 at 5.3. Sprint again for 30 seconds at a 7.3. Run 1:30 at 5.4. Sprint 30 secs at 7.4. ** continue the same pattern increasing .1 in speed for each thing until you decide you wanna stop.** I really feel that Interval running is much better for you, and easier to do. Instead of just mindlessly running for who knows how long, you're paying attention more to the time and it makes the time pass quicker. Also, it's good for your heart rate to have that burst of sprinting every once in a while.
Arms - I use free weights. Usually (2) 10 lb. weights. I do alot of different exercises that are hard to explain, but not hard to do. I do 12 reps usually 2 or 3 times... rotating 2 different exercises back and forth in between sets.
Legs and booty - For legs and butt I usually stick with the machines. Leg press, leg curl, calf raises, the glute machine? (the one where you lay down and extend out each leg).
Abs - Abs are something that ALL WOMEN struggle with. I try to vary the exercises when it comes to abs. One of the self-proclaimed "hardest ab workouts to do" sometimes makes it's way into my routine. Here is how to do it...... Get into push up position. Hands on the floor and feet on a giant workout ball. So basically your body is parallel to the ground with your hands outstretched perpendicular to you. Your back should be flat, and your toes should be pointed on the ball. Using your feet, bring the ball as far into your chest as you can without bending your legs. It's crazy, it hurts, and it works. :)
Stretching - YOU MUST STRETCH. If you don't, you'll probably be so sore after starting a routine that you may never want to do it again. DO IT! STRETCH! As long as you want... as much as you want. The more, the better.

I try to vary the days that I work on things. Sometimes I like to throw in just one day of all cardio... so I'll interval train, bike, elliptical, etc. The key is to differ your workouts. You don't want to get bored, because that's why you stop going to the gym. You don't want to be affected by other people either. Never be afraid to go into the weightroom where usually only the boys hang out. Lies. You do whatever makes you feel good!! You work those butt cheeks, thighs, quads, etc. as much as you want!!! Slap on that Ipod and don't think twice about anyone else in the gym. :)

I know this is a random post, and may not even be necessary but I felt like I should put it out there. Feel free to comment or email me with more questions!! alwayssmilin04 (at)

Ciao bellasssssss!


briannelee said...

I like your work-out gear. I usually wear gross sweatpants... I need to step it up ;)

Meg said...

Wow! You're quite the workout machine! No wonder you look so in shape. And I love your workout attire. I'm a big believer in wearing workout clothes that you like... it helps to motivate me when I know I get to put on a cute outfit. Ha!
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, by the way :]

myedit said...

Haha, nice workout wear... much nicer than mine. I look like a bum because I hate spending money on good workout gear. Stupid I know.
I totally agree, chips and salsa taste better after you've worked out and 'earned' it.

The Owl's Closet said...

lol u are too cute! i love ur workout outfit pics:D thx for the tips! i'll have to try these out:D
Cleaning out my closet: