December 6, 2009

With the jacket...........

Outfit deets:
Black suit jacket: Sears gift
White long sleeve T: F21 $5ish
Gray high waisted pants: F21 $4.99 clearance
Awesome shoes: DSW $40
Necklace: Charlotte Russe gift

So I had to go to the grocery store..... and I felt like getting a little dressed up... so I did. :) I was told that I was "young.... my daughter is 23 (I said I am too!) and she said nice." The end. Then she nicely walked away. I think she was commenting on my shoes and how they were so high....... but I'm not quite sure. The whole thing was very vague.... haha. But anywho.... the next post is the outfit without the jacket.......

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The Owl's Closet said...

great pants!! i want a pair, too:D thank goodness for f21! great blog, btw!
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