December 15, 2009

Tuesday Shoe Day!

Outfit Deets:
Gray v-neck sweater dress: ? Cheap.....
Black strapless dress worn as skirt: Bonton $9
Black belt: F21 cheap
Black tights: F21 $3
Gray booties! See deets below

Shoe Deets:
Gray fold-over booties: Marshall's $19.99

I'm not quite sure why my shoes wouldn't show up in the pictures I was taking. Weirdddddd! Anywho, thanks for the comments on the last fitness post. Like I said, uninspired Fridays bring Fitness Fridays. Maybe that'll be a new post!!! :) Tuesday Shoe Day........ Fitness Friday...... oh man, new ideas, new possibilities! I love it! haha....

New Fitness Friday will now consist of some sort of Healthy food option, workout tip, workout outfit, etc. Also, I agree with those of you that commented that said that wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself can oftentimes motivate you to feel better after working out and maybe workout harder/longer etc. :)

P.s. Tomorrow night I'm making homemade chocolate truffles and chocolate peanut butter bars (for "gifts" for my bosses/coworkers/etc.) and I'll try to post pics of that as well along with some recipes! Enjoy!!!!!

Ciao bellas!


Kyla said...

Those are some kick ass booties! Oh, sometimes I wish I could wear heels!

Bekah said...

love the shoes :)
also, how about some "gifts" for friends coming home form africa?!?! just an idea :)
hehehe love fitness fridays, what a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

what a super cute outfit! i especially love the belt and booties =) perfect for cold weather chic!
ps. i tried to comment on your last fitness but my computer was acting up, but i really enjoyed it! fitness is a major part of my life (esp. yoga) and i'm always interested in a new perspective/tips)