November 16, 2009

It's all in the details.....

So the details of my life are currently scattered about with no real rhyme or reason.......... I'm having some hard things going on in my life currently, so that's why I've been sort of MIA. However, today's post is going to be a look back at an awesome week that I spent with family and my roomie in the islands on a cruise! :)

Me chillin in Roatan!
VS Bathing Suit - Cream and brown polka dots

Yes, that is a real monkey on my shoulder! Yes, he is adorable!!!
That necklace was hand made from seeds. I got it at Grand Cayman.

This was a pic that my roommate took (without me knowing), but I kind of love it. This was at our hotel in Miami waiting to board the ship! It was a lovely Marriott!

Dress: Ross $8
Sandals: $10

This was one of our formal nights on board. Me and the lovely roommate!
Black strapless *ever so comfortable* maxi: Ross cheap... lol

Did I wear this walking around Cozumel all day?? Sure.................................. :)
These beaters from F21 are like my fav. plain tanks! I heart beaters... I'm not really sure why. But I have this particular kind in like 12 different colors..... literally! haha
Oh, and they're only like $3.50. FABULOUS!

Anyways, I want to know about your best vacation ever!!! I like lots of details!

Ciao bellas!

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