November 11, 2009

It's all about you, Baby....... It's all about you... and me

This is going to be a non-outfit post..... I need a little pick-me-up, and doing this post may do just that!!! I got this lovely idea from this lovely lady Bekah! You should check her out, by the way.... she's teaching English in South Africa and sharing God's love with the world.... But anyways, I digress. She had this awesome post semi-recently where she shared clips from movies that made her cry. I'm, however, going to change it up and share clips from movies/tv shows/whatever that I think are hilarious!! I need a little laughter.... and I believe this is a great way to do that! So.. enjoy! :)

**Alert.... some innapropriateness may ensue.......*** :)

1. You should obviously love this Song! If you've never seen this movie.... you need to drop what you're doing, and go watch it now!!! :) I can't even begin to post all of the great scenes from this movie......
2. Probably my favorite Family Guy moment Ever!
3. I'm sorry to find joy in other's pain, but this is pretty hilarious...... I'm really not a mean person! :P
4. Oh how I love the always delicious Taco Bell!
5. Big gulp huh? Welp.... see ya later!
6. Oh vanilla face........ hahaha
7. This movie has too many scenes not to love!
8. This movie is a classic!
9. Overall not the best movie.... but there were some funny parts
10. Another good one
11. What about this one?
12. Another Choice movie!
13. Obviously the list had to include This and This!
14. Well this one is Always a good time
15. This show is so hilarious and makes me continuously laugh out loud... one of my Favorite things....
16. Classic Christmas choice........
17. Oh man this list is getting Long....
18. What about That and This and oh Thisssss teee heeee heee....
19. Clearly this scene is HILARIOUS!
20. This Show is also awesome and hilarious and makes me laugh........

Well that's all for now lovelies....... I'll be back to norm outfit posts soon. :)

What are some of your fav comedies???

Ciao bellas!


Eternally Fixated said...

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Bekah said...

hahahahha...i'm been working on my funnies for awhile now. its so hard to find clips bc internet is SO slow. like back in dial up days slow. hahaha just reading over your "links" made me giggle and laugh out loud...the clips were hilarious too. your "digress" was cute and sweet. love you, lady