November 19, 2009

2 hearts never break even.........

Hello Yesterday..............

As you can see, I'm pretty pumped about this outfit......... :)

Outfit deets:
White awesome ruffley shirt: F21 $20
Black Ruffle Skirt: Target $6
Black *most amazing shoes in my closet currently* :) : DSW $40ish

So, I'm actually really proud of this outfit. I've been wanting to wear this skirt for a long time... but I always struggled with how to style it. It's meant to be worn around the not-so-natural-waist, and that always presented a proportion problem when trying to pair it with a shirt. Soooooo... I decided to cinch it a bit and slap a sweet belt over it and wear it higher. I wore the off-white half-sleeve blazer over it to go outside in. I'm not that crazy to try and wear this out in November... actually, I'm not gonna lie, I am kinda that crazy. But, I thought it may present a problem at work when I get funny looks. :) But anywaysssss.... I thought that with this skirt styling, I could easily turn this into a sweet holiday "dress" with a fancier shirt. I'm getting all kinds of ideas now.

Oh and a side note about these shoes: Every single time I wear these somewhere, I get at least 1 compliment on them. I swear on my life......... It's craziness!!! I've never gotten so many compliments on one pair of shoes! Straight guys, not-so-straight guys, straight girls, maybe not-so-straight girls..... people of all ages.... grown men that seem legitimately intrigued by the creation of these incredible shoesies........... Strange... but awesome! :)

Ciao bellas!

PS. NEW MOON WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Totally worth being super tired this morning because I went to the midnight showing last night!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love ruffles let me count the ways... awesome skirt!


P.S. So glad the movie was worth it! I am hoping to see it this wkend. :)

Tiffany said...

I love all things ruffle! No you did NOT get that skirt for $6!! Oh my gosh, what a deal! So fabulous. And I can't wait to see New Moon!! But I'm gonna...I think I'm going to hit up the Sunday matinee. :) Glad I stumbled on your blog. It's so fun!