November 30, 2009

Scarves..... Scarves.......Scarves ..... and Iraq??

Remember that one time............. at band camp................

Tee hee hee... just kidding.... but seriously. Remember when I was discussing my plans to make and sell scarves to the masses!!! Welllllll......... the time has come. Our plan has been to make various crocheted/knitted items and sell them... and then we would make care packages for troops who are oversees currently for the holidays and send them out with the profits. I have currently, made, sold, and distributed probably 5 scarves so far. (Thank you to all of you who have participated so far!) I have a waiting list/list of things to do of about 4 more. Please see above for 2 examples of current shenanigans! The white one is super thick and awesome and wide and awesome.......... it sold for $13. The purple and white one is thick, but a little less wide. That one is $10, but still awesome!

So here's a shout out to all of you.... if you would like a lovely scarfffffff or know someone who needs one as a gift.... and you would like to benefit local troops that are oversees for the holidays, let me know!! I can make them in any color/colors (as long as they sell that color in the stores!). The price will vary between $10-$15 depending on how wide/long you would like it. So, i'm pretty sure that's cheap....... here and here I'm right along with them. :)

Ciao Bellas!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi girl! Like I said when you first posted about this, I think this is SO wonderful what you are doing! I, of course, would love to buy one from you. If you could make me a red one (like a cherry red) just like the white one you have shown that would be so great!! :)

Thank you so much for doing this. You are truly an amazing person and the soldiers in Iraq will have something wonderful to look forward too. :)