November 2, 2009

A little bit of this....... a little bit of that......

OK..... soooooo, Halloween was a success!!! Unfortunately, my camera's batteries died. So I have to wait until my friends post the pics to get them on here......... :( booooo.... I did have a vintage long sleeve, orange polyester jumpsuit. On Friday night I went to a party in Philly, and I decided to be Foxy Brown. So, I purchased a big afro wig and rocked the outfit. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. On Saturday night, we had a block party with all of the houses on our row. It was pretty sweet. I used the same jumpsuit (but with a different wig) and I was Cher! My roommate dressed up as Sonny right before he died (so she had ski poles and was dressed like she was going to ski). It was pretty hilarious. We made a pretty awesome duo!

On another note......... I won my first giveaway!!! Thanks to Rebekah I won the necklace on that page!!! A big thanks to Rebekah! Check out her blog and become a follower!! DO IT! :)

I'll post some pics hopefully tonight... if I can steal them away from my friends!

So I leave you with this check it out!! Forever21 just rocks my world! I loveeeeeeee it!


Caroline, Lucky Umbrella said...

Huh, I really like those outfits. I would have honestly never guessed forever 21.

myedit said...

Haha... I would love to see pics of you as Foxy Brown... classic.