November 3, 2009

Fahhh fahhh fahhh foxyyyyyy brown!! DYNOMITE!

And the answer to your prayers...........

Outfit deets:
Orange POLYESTER jumpsuit - Mommalicious vintage store $24
Leapord Stilettos (not pictured) - Body Central ?
Fro - Walmart! $8
Big ol' hoops - ?? cheap....
Peace sign tattoo on my neck drawn on with liquid eyeliner............. priceless. :)

Why yes lovelies, I was Foxy Brown/my version of a fabulous 60's jailbird on Friday night for the Philly halloween party! Those 2 lovelies with me are some of the bests... one dressed as a poker table and the other as a flapper! We stopped over at a bar for a quick drink before we headed back out.... and I had a woman come up to me and tell me that the jumpsuit I was wearing was fabulous! Does that mean that she would incorporate this beaut into every day wear?? I'm not sure.... but I do know that she gave me a little more swagger in my step after lefting me know that she very much approved of the outfit. :) When I took the jumpsuit off and put regular clothes on with the wig..... it kinda looked like it belonged! :) I've always said that if I could have an awesome looking fro then I'd totally do it. Instead I'm sadly left with a schmangled mess that is curly hair. But, I digress.... because I'm thankful for curly hair!! :) Anyways sillies, I'm not of African American descent....... but I doubt you can tell! I rock that fro like it's my job..... hahaha. Oh and I definitely walked around saying "DYYYYY NOOOO MITEEEEE" all night long.... I felt like it was fitting!

How would you try to revamp the orange jumpsuit into every day wear? I'd love to actually be able to incorporate it into something functional. However, I'm not sure it's possible. Love to hear your thoughts!

Ciao bellas!