November 19, 2009

You look-a-like-a-man....................

You're welcome......... haha

Outfit Deets:
Ann Taylor button down: Gabe's $6
Khaki/linen wide-leg trousers: F21 $22
Blue shoes!: Rainbow cheap..

So I want to thank all of you lovelies for your comments on the last post! I did end up wearing the yellow shoes for that outfit, but I wanted to give a shout-out to all of you who liked the blue ones!!! So, I decided to incorporate it into yesterday's outfit! I kind of felt very menswear-inspired yesterday. I love these pants from F21! They're wide-legged fabulousness.... only bad part is they get wrinkled in a hot second... True Story! I threw them in the dryer yesterday morning before work and then I pulled them out and gave a quick iron over.... and STILL they were wrinkly... Oh well! I still love them!

Ciao bellassssssssssssss <3

P.S. I'M A HUGE NERD AND HAVE MIDNIGHT SHOWING TICKETS TO SEE NEW MOON TONIGHT!!! Yes, I am 23.... Yes, I will probably be surrounded by 15 yr. old girls......No, I don't care..... Yes, I am super excited!!...... :) Who else has plans to see it??


Anonymous said...

You can't tell that they are wrinkly in the pictures... and honestly, I hate ironing because as soon as I sit down everything is wrinkled again, so who cares. LOL You look absolutely wonderful and I love your title (it made me laugh)!!


P.S. Have fun! Please let me know how it is... I want to see it too!

Kyla said...

Fabulous shoes!