November 24, 2009

Tuesday REALLY IS SHOE DAY!!! from now on....

The new Tuesday Shoe Day!!! From now on, every Tuesday I will be featuring a pair of my shoes! That should probably keep every Tuesday kept solid for over a year! So it will be perfecto! :) So here we have the new pair of shoes that I just purchased on Saturday.........


Oh.......... and WOOHOO!!!! :)

Fabulous shoes are from Bonton, but they are Guess! I got them 50% off, so I only paid $40.

These shoes are ridiculously comfortable!!! I was shocked! I have never been one to NOT buy a pair of shoes because I felt it would be too uncomfortable.... wanna know why? Because I don't care! If they're ridiculously awesome, and I love them so much... then I'm buying them. I'll deal with the pain of walking later on.............. But these shoes..... are. divine. The brown leather is like a stretch leather. It's awesome because it gives so that I'm not messing up my skin with crappy harsh leather. And surprisingly, the heel is reallyyyyyyyy high, BUT I don't feel like my feet are going to fall off after walking around on there. Therefore.......... WOOHOO!!

Ciao bellas!

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Anonymous said...

I am so in love right now!!